Teen Patti King 51 Bonus APK Download – Withdraw 100 Rs.

Teen Patti King APK download, Teen Patti King 51 bonus app, 3 Patti King online game. Are you finding the best app to make money by playing different types of games then your finding is over now. Teen Patti King is India’s Best Trusted app.

teen patti king

This app provides various types of features which we will talk about in the subsequent paragraph. The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100. When you install and sign up or make an account in this app, you will get a bonus of ₹51 which you further use in playing games and earning real-time money.

Teen Patti King is India’s trusted app. Through this app, you can play live games with players all around the globe. This app is available in various types of languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Nepali and many more. Through this app, you can earn up to 2k-3k per day.

In this article, I will aid you and provide you with some important tricks that will increase your earnings. We are not providing you with the guarantee of winning real money through the King 3 Patti game as we are providing you knowledge but if you have good game skills then this app is best for you. Now let’s know more about this app.

3 Patti King is a multiplayer game. It means at a time more than one player can play the game. In this article, I will tell you more about this app. I will also tell you the methods through which you can make money.

Making money from this app is quite an easy task but people are not aware of the ways or ideas to make money through this app. In this article, I will tell you or illustrate to you the different methods or possible ways to make money through this app. So read it carefully.

Teen Patti King Download

Online Users  +1.5 Million (+230K Monthly Active Users)
Signup Bonus ₹51 Real Cash, Extra Rs. 100 as Daily Rewards
Download Link King Teen Patti Game
Refer and Earn 60% Friend’s Recharge Commission
Number of Games 23 Games
Referral Code 3601090
Customer Care +63 9192418856 (WhatsApp)
Minimum Cash Withdrawal 100 Rupees

What is Teen Patti King?

Teen Patti King is an Indian card game developed by GameOn Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is one of the most popular and widely played digital card games in India. The game was launched in the year 2019 and has since gained immense popularity among users. The 3 Patti King online game is based on the original Indian card game Teen Patti and can be played with either real money or virtual money.

The app offers a great gaming experience to users with its user-friendly interface and smooth gaming mechanics. Players can play with friends or join public tables to play against other players. The Teen Patti King game also offers various types of tournaments, tournaments with jackpots, and leaderboards. Additionally, users can also enjoy various bonuses and promotions while playing the game.

The TeenPatti King game has earned a lot of rewards and appreciation from users since its launch. It has also been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and websites. The Teen Patti King new game is currently available on both Android and iOS devices. It is a perfect choice for all card game lovers who want to have some fun along with earning money.

Teen Patti King App Overview

Teen Patti King is India’s most trusted online money-making app where millions of users daily make handsome amounts. 3 Patti King is freely available to download but currently not available in the Play Store, therefore, we will also provide you with the steps to download and a full guide to using this app in the below paragraphs.

Teen Patti King Bonus is one of the most popular card games in India. If you want to earn money with this app, it is very simple because it contains a variety of games that cross 20+ total games. Indian Teen Patti King APK app will provide you with a referral bonus and is 100% trustworthy and legal to use. Currently, I am also using King Teen Patti app and earning money.

Teen Patti King contains a variety of games, some of them are Rummy, Ludo, Fruit Line, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti etc. To play or enjoy games in the TeenPatti King you have to go to App and you can play any game. All games are running very smoothly which will not cause you any disturbance or problem while using this app. One of the best features of this Teen Patti King game app is, that it provides you with daily, weekly and monthly bonuses. 

The best part of this Teen Patti King APK is when you create your new account on this app you instantly get ₹50 as a bonus which you can use to earn money. The all-rounder feature and the best way to make money through this app is to go to all games and pick one of them of your choice in which you have good gaming skills and start playing.

3 Patti King Online Game Highlights

Before downloading the Teen Patti King cash game people always wanted to know the main features of the app so here are the best features according to our experience because we have been using this app for a long time. So here are the best points of this Teen Patti King bonus app. 

  • Super Teen Patti King APK is a trusted and 100% safe and legal app.
  • Oldest and most well-known app in India with +1 million users.
  • It is available in more than 5 different languages such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Nepali etc 
  • You will get up to a 60% bonus 
  • Instant withdrawal is available
  • The minimum withdrawal amount in this app is ₹100. 

So above we tried to cover some eye-catching features of this app in which some of the features are not written in the points because it is hard to describe all the features in points. So after looking at the features let’s know the full download process of this app.

Teen Patti King APK Download Process

Here I am going to tell you how to download the Teen Patti King game app step-by-step. First of all, the app is not available in the Play Store.

You can download this app from the official website of Super Teen Patti King. It is highly recommended to download 3 Patti King APK from their official website. 

  1. Click on the 3 Patti King APK download button which is provided by us, or you can install the Teen Patti King app from here.
  2. It will lend you to the official website of the TeenPatti King game where you will find the details about the app. Now, look towards the bottom where you will find the install button.
  3. Just click on the install button and the King Teen Patti app will automatically start downloading.

Important note:- If Indian Teen Patti King APK is not installed on your phone after downloading, then you have to enable the “Unknown Resources” option which is found in the settings of the phone. Now go to your browser where you downloaded the app and then install it.

How to Create a New Teen Patti King Account?

Teen Patti King 51 Bonus APK Download

If you want to earn money through this app, first of all, you have to install it and then you have to log into the King Teen Patti game as a guest option. Now you become a guest in this app but to earn money you have to be a user of it.

Therefore to become a user you have to create an account in the 3 Patti King online game. I am going to mention the steps that you have to follow to create a user ID.

  1. Open the 3 Patti King app and first sign in as a guest option.
  2. Go to the dashboard of this app and in the upper right corner you will find a guest profile icon, just click on it. 
  3. Click on the bound option from the profile.
  4. Enter your mobile number.
  5. Now create a password for your ID and verify it with OTP and You’re done.

Finally, after creating an account you will receive a total of ₹51 in your wallet which you further can use to play games.

How do you get ₹51 Bonus in Teen Patti King Game?

Almost all people who have a keen knowledge of playing online games know that this app is paying ₹51 as a Signup Bonus to all. Remember, without a bonus, you will not be able to play games in this app and if you will get a bonus then you can easily use this bonus to play games and earn real money. 

  1. Firstly open the TeenPatti King app on their official website and download it.
  2. Now create an account in this app by completing the documentation process.
  3. Enter your mobile number and you will get an OTP.
  4. So after Verification, you will get ₹51 as a signup bonus.

So above, I mentioned the steps to get a bonus. We will also talk about how to increase the amount of bonus. Actually, there are many different ways of doing it which we will discuss later.

TeenPatti King Daily Login Bonus 

3 Patti King is a type of gaming platform which provides you with a daily bonus. You have to collect it and further can use it to increase your gaming time which will affect your earning in a positive way. So here are the types of bonuses which you can collect. 

When you will create an account on King Teen Patti app you will be able to achieve ₹51 sign-up bonus. After a week you will get a weekly bonus whereas after a month has passed you will get a monthly bonus.

bonus

Sign-in bonus is called the first bonus which you will get after creating an account in 3 Patti King online game. The sign-in bonus reward is ₹51. After verification of your mobile number through Otp you will be able to use this amount for playing games.

Weekly bonus

A weekly bonus is provided to the User after every seven days. The bonus amount can be in-between ₹100-₹1 lakh in Teen Patti King bonus app which will make you rich in a short span of time.

Monthly bonus 

A monthly bonus is created in your account same as the weekly bonus which will help you to cross level 2, then you can also get this bonus. 

First Deposit Bonus 

The Super Teen Patti King app offers a generous first deposit bonus to new players. Players can get up to a 100% deposit bonus on their first deposit. This bonus can be used to play a variety of 3 Patti King online games, including Indian Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Poker, and more. The bonus amount may be changed depending on the amount you deposited.

Teen Patti King Referral Code

When you will start creating your account on this app it will ask you to enter a referral code then you have to enter a referral code to get an extra discount. Now I am going to tell you the steps to get a referral code.

  1. First, open the Teen Patti King game app.
  2. Get logged in to the app by using your Account id and password.
  3. Now at the bottom of the app, you can easily find the share option.
  4. After clicking on it you will find your referral link or code.

Now share this referral code as well as the link to your family members, friends and relatives so when they use your referral code or link, you will get some extra bonus or amount which you can use to play games or can withdraw from UPI or other payment methods provided by the app.

3 Patti King APK Add Cash Offer

One of the best parts of this app is that it offers cash back to its user. Upon depositing and playing a minimum amount on the app, you will receive a cashback bonus of up to 10% of your deposit. The cashback bonus will be credited immediately to your account.

50% return offer in Teen Patti King app 

Suppose you play a game in Teen Patti King new game and you lose it then you don’t have to worry. Know how. Let me tell you. The Indian Teen Patti King cash game provides you with a 50% return if you lose in any game. The money you save from this can be used to play more games.

Teen Patti King bank payment offer 

Super Teen Patti King APK is currently encouraging payments through banks so in light of this it is giving offers to make payments through your bank and get additional benefits like Recharge if you will use your Credit/debit card you will be eligible to get a 10% more bonus.

So these are the offers that the Super Teen Patti King app provides you. If you want to know more offers like this then you can visit the notice option in the app and can check it out for any other or new offers.

King Teen Patti Like Other Games

How to Withdraw Money from Teen Patti King App?

Teen Patti King 51 Bonus APK Download

When you complete a hundred Rupees in your account by playing games or through a bonus you will be eligible to withdraw it because the minimum balance of withdrawal is 100 Rupees. So following the steps I am going to mention below help you to withdraw money from the app.  

  1. First, open the super 3 Patti King online game 
  2. Go to the withdrawal option from the menu.
  3. The minimum amount to withdraw is 100 Rupees so make sure you have more than 100 Rupees in your wallet.
  4. Now add your bank details or UPI.
  5. Enter the withdrawal amount and click on the withdrawal button.

It will take around 24 hours to make this payment. Within 24 hours the amount will be credited to your bank account. In any case, if the payment fails just contact Customer care.

List of Available Games in the 3 Patti King App

Making a handsome amount of money through this app is not a daunting task. The only thing needed to make money is your playing skills. So here I am going to mention a list of all games which are available over this app.

All games are very interesting and work very smoothly. So when you start playing these games, you will definitely win money from them.

  1. Dragon tiger fight
  2. Fifa 2022
  3. Sports
  4. Crash
  5. Rummy
  6. Mines
  7. 10 cards
  8. Teen Patti
  9. Variation
  10. Sweet bonanza
  11. 7 up down
  12. Andar Bahar
  13. Ludo
  14. Car Roulette
  15. Roulette
  16. Fruit Line
  17. Best of five
  18. Fishing rush
  19. Blackjack
  20. Zoo Roulette
  21. Teen Patti 20-20 
  22. Poker
  23. Baccarat
  24. 3 card poker

How to Play Teen Patti King Money Earing Games?

Here are the best ways along with a full Guide about the app. As we know very well, the best way to make money is by playing games. So I am gonna illustrate to you the necessary steps to play different types of games.

  1. Open the Indian Teen Patti King cash game.
  2. Get logged in to your account.
  3. Now you will see your game dashboard. Then select the game which you want to play.
  4. Wait for 10-20 seconds until the game starts.

As you see above we only talked about how to earn money through playing games but that’s not the end. There is not only one method, many others are present too. So now we will talk about the other methods of making money in this app.

Possible Ways to Earn Money from Teen Patti King App 

First and foremost the most popular way to make money in the Teen Patti King bonus app is by playing games and earning money.

Play games and make money 

The easiest or we can say the best way to make money in this app is to play all the 20+ games which are present in this app. But remember to always select that game in which you have good knowledge as well as playing skills. Apart from this you also have some experience and known tricks too which will help you to earn money just by sitting at home.

Refer and Earn 

The second way to earn a handsome amount of prize or money through this app is to refer this all to your family, relatives, friends and classmates and make sure to all download and install this app.

So this app is providing you with the feature of sharing your referral link or code to different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more. It is giving 30- 60% commission when you refer this to people by link or by referral code it doesn’t matter it provides you with a commission on both.

Daily Bonus 

So this is the 3rd method by which you can earn money with 3 Patti King app. There are different types of bonuses provided by the Super Teen Patti King APK like a daily bonus for seven days, a Weekly bonus after every 7 days, monthly bonus after every month. If you collect them all, it will make you a huge profit.

VIP Daily Rewards  Bonus 
Day 1 5*
Day 2 6*
Day 3 7*
Day 4 8**
Day 5 9*
Day 6 1**
Day 7 1**

Weekly bonus

When you will continuously collect everyday bonuses for seven days then you will be able to collect your weekly bonus and use it further to play games and earn real money.

Level-up bonus

After continuously playing for several days automatically your level will be up and you will get some extra bonus that you can use to play more games and earn money.

So all we have mentioned above are the possible ways to earn money through this app but the most favourable way is to refer your link or code to others and earn money.

How to Refer and Earn in Super Teen Patti King?

Teen Patti King 51 Bonus APK Download

If your circle is quite large, either of friends or relatives it will help you a lot other than this if you’re a YouTuber then it will be too good. This app is providing you with the best referral income. Although you can earn 90 Rupees per referral by code as well as sharing links too.

Now I am going to illustrate the steps to share your referral code or referral link with others and warm handsome amounts of money.

  1. Open King Teen Patti earning app.
  2. Login into the app by providing the necessary credentials.
  3. Go to the main menu. Click on the refer or earn option.
  4. Share your Indian Teen Patti King app referral code. 
  5. Get free Rewards or bonuses to play the Teen Patti King cash game.
  6. The amount you will win can directly transfer to your bank account through UPI.

If someone downloads this app through your link or code and registers in it by putting in your referral code then you will get ₹51 instant bonus and a 30% commission lifetime until your friends leave the app.

How to Add Cash to Teen Patti King Online Game?

Teen Patti King 51 Bonus APK Download

Let’s assume you will play this Teen Patti King app most of the hour in a day, it’s not mandatory that you win all the time. Sometimes you will be out of bonus so in this condition you will have to add money to the King Teen Patti APK for continuing playing. So here are the steps that will help you to add money to your Teen Patti King bonus app. 

  1. First of all, open your Indian Teen Patti King online game.
  2. You will find the add money option in the menu.
  3. Click on it and add money as per your requirement. On the first deposit, you will get some extra bonus too.
  4. Make the payment successful through any of the methods present in it.
  5. Then your money will be added to your Teen Patti King app.

Above I mentioned the way to add money to your Teen Patti King cash game. Remember your first deposit in this app will provide you with some cashback too.

Teen Patti King VIP Rewards and Levels

If you upgrade your King 3 Patti account to a VIP account you will get the benefit of it. 

  1. You will get a weekly bonus of up to 60 Rupees.
  2. You will get a monthly bonus of up to 90 Rupees.
  3. You will also get a level-up bonus.
  4. Even if you log in every day you will get a bonus on that too.

How to become 3 Patti King VIP member? 

After upgrading to VIP privilege you will get some extra bonus as compared to the VIP upgrade. You can win some give away on the app like some chips which you can use further to earn money. In addition to this, below is the chart given in which I illustrate the amount you will earn daily in VIP privilege.

Teen Patti King VIP  Daily Bonus Weekly Bonus Monthly Bonus
VIP 1 10 10 100
VIP 2 10 15 100
VIP 3 15 20 100
VIP 4 20  25  100
VIP 5 20 30 150
VIP 6 25 50 150
VIP 7 30 60 200
VIP 8 40 65 200
VIP 9 50 70 250
VIP 10 60 80 250

King 3 Patti Andar Bahar Game

Teen Patti King 51 Bonus

So here are the full steps to play Andar Bahar in Teen Patti King. This app has a huge collection of games but in this paragraph, we will talk about Andar-Bahar so here are the steps to play the Teen Patti King APK Andar Bahar game.

  1. Open King 3 Patti app.
  2. Get Login into your account 
  3. In Dashboard, you will easily find the Andar-Bahar game.
  4. Click on it and wait for 10 seconds until the game starts playing.

The dealer shuffles one deck of 52 cards, he will pick one card randomly from the available deck and place it fate up, which would be the Game Card, against which bets can be placed for that game. 

Players can choose to bet on either ANDAR or BAHAR bet spots for the hand. A minimum bet amount is required to be placed which would be the default selection when clicking on the bet spot. The player can increase or decrease the bet amount as desired and confirm it within the given time. Use settings for the Auto confirm option.

Game Result

If the number on the dealt card matches to the value of the game card, which is an indicator the game is over now.

Bet Types 

Players have 2 types of bets. It’s their choice to which one they want to bet. Either they can bet on ANDAR or BAHAR spots. Once they choose they have to confirm the bet by clicking on the confirm button to post the bets. In addition to this players can post bets automatically just by turning the auto-confirm button from the setting.

So now let’s move to another game named Dragon tiger fight. This game is the first choice of players over this app. Now I will tell you how to play this game more perfectly within the rules.

3 Patti King Dragon Tiger Fight 

Dragon and Tiger fight is a type of rapid game. Dragon Tie and Tiger are the 3 types of bets. You will be rewarded according to your bet which is mentioned in the pay table.

As I mentioned above, I also use this app and play games my favourite game in this app is Dragon Tiger fight. I always enjoy a lot while playing this game. So now I am going to tell you the steps on how to play this game.

  1. Open the Super Teen Patti King app.
  2. Login into your account by using Your id password.
  3. In your dashboard after striking from left to right you will easily find this app.
  4. Click on the game and wait for 10-20 seconds while the game is all set for playing.

Dragon Tiger rules 

After excluding the Joker cards you will have 8 sets of 52 cards. Nevertheless, colours don’t matter, you have to consider only digital numbers. If after the bet the number of cards becomes the same then it will be Tie. 

Rather than this if you don’t have sufficient knowledge regarding this King 3 Patti app, you feel scared of losing the game then you will get full detailed information in the Indian Teen Patti King app. Whereas you can also take help from youtube to enhance your knowledge regarding how to play, and what are the rules and regulations.

How to Play 7 Up Down in Teen Patti King Online Game?

Teen Patti King 51 Bonus APK Download

Seven Up is a variant of TeenPatti King, a popular Indian card game. In 7 Up, each player is dealt 7 cards instead of three. The object of the game is to have the highest three-card combination, similar to regular Teen Patti.

Players can also place bets and other players can either fold, call or raise. The game is over when the last player has either folded or called. The player with the highest three-card combination wins the pot. Now I am going to tell you the steps to play the 7up game. 

  1. Open the Super Teen Patti King new game.
  2. Create an account, or log in if you already have one.
  3. Select “Seven Up” from the list of game variations.
  4. Invite other players to join your game.
  5. Once all the players have joined, the game will begin. 

Please note- Play continues in a clockwise direction until all players have either called, raised, or folded. After the betting round, the player with the highest combination of cards will win the pot. The game continues until all players have had a turn to be the dealer, and the player with the most chips at the end is declared the winner.

Rules & Regulations of Indian Teen Patti King APK Cash Game

I am going to tell you the rules which you have to remember or follow while playing King 3 Patti game. If you are sharing this app through your reference then here are some rules.

  1. Each valid (sub-player) will gain a bonus of up to ₹100.
  2. You will get 30% of your friends’ tax amount.
  3. If you want to be a valid player you have to recharge up to ₹ 1000.
  4. You can share through any social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more.
  5. The more you refer, the more you get. The app doesn’t stop giving referral bonuses after some time.

So now it’s time to talk about the best feature which is always eye-catching in this Teen Patti King app. Let’s see what those are the best features.

TeenPatti King’s Best Feature

Teen Patti King’s safety feature is considered the best of the best features based on the feedback of the players. This feature allows you to save your current chips for future use and it depends on you at which time you want to take them out.

Benefits of Using the Teen Patti King App

Here I am going to mention the advantages of playing Indian Teen Patti King APK as per my experience. There are lots of benefits present in playing the TeenPatti King app which are discussed below. Check it out. 

  • 3 Patti King online game is trustworthy and used to earn money.
  • 100% legal to use.
  • It has a great support team. If you have any queries then you can WhatsApp them at +639192418856.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is ₹100. 
  • 20+ games are available.
  • The sign-up bonus is ₹51.

The Drawback of Using the Teen Patti King APK Game

Apart from being talked only about advantages, disadvantages matter too. So here are the Disadvantages of playing the Indian Teen Patti King game listed below.

  1. Playing skill- If you don’t have better playing skills then you will lose the match.
  2. Look- Its interface is so sticky.
  3. Problem-solving- Reverting back to your query is not up to the mark.
  4. More time- It takes some more seconds to open.

Teen Patti King Customer Care Number

Let’s assume, you are playing any of the games present in it and face some issues then you don’t have to worry about that. The experts of the Super Teen Patti King app will solve your problem. Just you have to contact them on their WhatsApp number +639192418856.

They will respond to your query within 24 hours. They work very gently and want to solve all the problems related to their King 3 Patti app and always work to improve the app which will further help to decrease the chances of problems occurring.


How do make withdraw from Teen Patti King game?

Click on the withdrawal option from the lobby in the right corner. Add your bank details or UPI to initiate payment. Add the desired amount and click withdrawal.

What are the withdrawal options present in the 3 Patti King online app?

Teen Patti King game supports a Bank card or UPI mode of payment.

Is my money safe?

The Teen Patti King cash game uses high security with an advanced feature which ensures the safeguarding of players’ personal data as well as banking details.

How to register for the King 3 Patti game?

For the newly joined, click on the play as guest option. Click on the Avatar icon on the right side corner and add your phone number. Click on the bound button and add the required credentials that they ask for.

Later set your own password and click on Get OTP (one-time password ) after entering your phone no then you will receive the code via text. After entering the code, your verification ends here and you are all set to play games.

What is the minimum amount of recharge?

The least amount is 100 Rupees and the maximum amount is as much as you can.

What is the minimum amount of withdrawal in Indian Teen Patti King?

The minimum amount of withdrawal is ₹100.

What is the maximum amount of withdrawal in Super Teen Patti King?

The maximum amount of withdrawal is unlimited.

What is the maximum number of withdrawals in a day?

The maximum number of withdrawals in a day is 5 times.

Why do I need to provide my ID and recharge information while withdrawing?

This process is just for justification that the amount which is going to be withdrawn is going to be credited to the correct person’s bank account or not.

How to find the bank and UPI details of my account in the app?

It is so easy to find your bank and other details of payment method just by clicking withdraw options at the right top of the app.

How to play the game in King Teen Patti app?

When you open any of the games present in it, firstly you will get the instructions to play the game otherwise you can also find the instructions on the diamond sign located at the bottom of the app and earn money.

How to refer to the Teen Patti King APK to your Friends and Family?

It is quite easy to refer to King 3 Patti app and earn through it. You can find your referral link from the left corner of the dashboard. The app provides various options through which you can share your Referral code like WhatsApp and Facebook.

How long does it take to recharge in my 3 Patti King online game?

When you will recharge your account of TeenPatti King, it will automatically be credited to your account within 5-10 minutes. In case there will be any error you can track your payment processor by contacting customer support.

What to do if I didn’t receive my withdrawal amount within 72 hours?

If you will not receive your withdrawal amount in your bank account or on UPI, it will automatically return back to your game account and you will again commence a new withdrawal.

Is my money secure during the withdrawal process?

Yes, your money is in a safe app. You don’t have to worry about that. Also, the app assures you security while doing the withdrawal process. 

How to login into the game after completing the King 3 Patti registration process?

When you will open the app, it shows you 2 options Guest and Logs on. As you already registered, you have to click on login. Enter your mobile number as well as the password which you set before.

How to enter the 3 Patti King APK if I forgot my password?

You have to click on the reset password button and provide the necessary credentials which the Teen Patti King new game app will ask and then click on the get OTP button. After receiving your OTP just enter it and then set a new password and then you are all set to go for a new match. 

How to become an agent of the TeenPatti King app? 

To become a Teen Patti King game Agent, you need to register with the website and fill out the required details. After your registration is approved, you will receive a login ID and password.

Once you log in, you can view the various payment modes available and select the one you prefer. You will then be provided with the link to the Agent Portal, where you can enter your credentials and start earning a commission.

When was the Teen Patti King app launched in India?

The Super Teen Patti King app was available in India on Oct 10, 2019.


Teen Patti King app is India’s one of the most trustworthy apps to earn money online. This TeenPatti King real money-earning app provides you with approximately + 20 games. The best part of the 3 Patti King game is, it returns back your 50% money when you will lose any match against any player.

In addition to this, the TeenPatti King app provides you with a daily bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus as well as a level-up bonus. It will also give you a ₹51 bonus when you create an account on it. Through my experience, I will highly recommend you install the Teen Patti King game and play and enjoy side by side to earn money too.

Furthermore, there are some ways through which you can also earn money King Teen Patti Referrals via code or link to your family and friends and also by adding money to your account. The withdrawal process of this app is quite easy to use and understand whereas the customer service is up to the mark. They are available 24×7 hours.

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