Teen Patti Real APK Download – Get Rs. 100 Bonus Cash

Teen Patti Real APK download, TeenPatti Real game, 3 Patti Real Cash Pro app: In this modern world, almost every person is earning lots of money online just by playing games. They are fulfilling all their dreams from the cash they earned online their skill and knowledge. So Do you also want to be one of them? if yes then you have come to the right website today.

teen patti real apk download

Today I am going to tell you about a gaming app through which you can earn up to 20 rupees as a login bonus and daily you can earn up to 8000 Rupees.

So I am going to represent an Indian app whose name is Teen Patti Real. This app provides you with a bonus of 180 rupees in seven days whereas you will definitely get a 20 rupees bonus after downloading the 3 Patti Real app and logging in through your mobile number.

Download TeenPatti Real – Get 150 Bonus (Min. 100 Withdrawals)

So where to download the app, how to use the app, and how to withdraw money from the app I am going to tell you all these in this article. If you want real-time money read this article carefully.

Teen Patti Real App Download

Overall Downloads 1.8 Million Plus Indian Users
Users Rating 4.7 out of 5 Stars
Signup Bonus ₹20 Bonus Instant + Extra ₹135 within First Week
Download Link 3 Patti Real Game →
Refer and Earn Feature Instant ₹20 Per Referral + Lifetime 30% Recharge Commission
Referral Code w3rgt
Withdrawal Options Direct Bank Payment
Minimum Withdrawal Amount 100 Rupees
Customer Care taurus@tasyee.com (Email Support)

What is Teen Patti Real?

Teen Patti Real is an online gaming platform in which we can play Teen Patti and numerous types of games. Not only you can enjoy yourself, and entertain yourself but you can also earn money from playing games. The app provides you with real money which you can withdraw easily.

This app was launched a few years ago but in this short period of time, it has reached millions of users. The TeenPatti Real APK app offers an immersive gaming experience with outstanding visuals and world-class animations.

Not only can you play Teen Patti, but you can also play Cricket Heroes, Wingo Lottery, 7 Up Down, Candy Party, Pot Blind, and so on. The app provides you with a total of 24 different types of games to play and provides the chance to earn money. There are also many more options available in the app through which you can earn money which is making the app more popular day by day.

TeenPatti Real Game Noticeable Features

Before downloading any app everyone wants to know the features of the app so here I am going to tell you or will try to cover the best features of the Teen Patti real which makes this app so popular online as well as in India. 

  1. Games- Teen Patti Real provides you with a total of 24 games through which you can earn money.
  2. Users- This app has millions of users which tells the popularity of the app.
  3. Language- You can play or use this app in Hindi or English.
  4. Safe – This app is 100% safe, trustworthy, and legal to use.
  5. Less time in Withdrawal- The app takes only 1 minute to transfer your winning amount to your bank account.
  6. Live support Option- If you feel any issues in the games or app you can contact customer care through live chat.

Excluding the above-mentioned features you will also get many features like when you will download the app and log into the app through your mobile number, instantly you will get a ₹20 bonus as well as a continuation bonus for seven days.

Teen Patti Real APK Download Process

teenpatti real download

If you want to earn money through the TeenPatti Real APK app, first of all, this application should be on your mobile phone. You will start earning money only when you will download this 3 Patti Real app so here I am going to tell you the steps to download the Teen Patti Real game app.

  1. Open any mobile browser and search for the Teen Patti Real online game.
  2. Now you will see the official website of the Real Teen Patti app. Just click to enter it or you can use the given link ahead. TeenPatti Real app → 
  3. Here you will easily find the TeenPattiReal download option.
  4. Click on the Teen Patti Real APK download button and when it becomes downloaded, install it.
  5. Now you are ready to play the game.

Please note – If by any chance the Real Teen Patti Onlinelication will not be installed on your device then go to your device setting and find an option named “Unknown Resources” and enable it. Now come back to the download section and again click on the option of install and this time it will definitely install on your device.

How to Create a New TeenPatti Real Account?

teenpatti real money register steps

Well if you want to earn money from this app on the regular basis then you have to create an account on it while it is also said that you will be called a user only until you create your account. Therefore I am going to tell you the steps to create an account. Kindly have a look at it and follow the steps carefully while creating an account.

  1. Open the 3 Patti Real online game app on your device.
  2. Now you will see a box asking for your mobile number. So put your mobile number in it.
  3. Click on the login button.
  4. Now you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number.
  5. Put your OTP in the box below the mobile number column.
  6. After doing this your account will be created and you will land on the dashboard of the app.

Somehow due to some technical issue or by mistake, you log out from the app, you don’t have to worry. Now you have to do only the login process which is similar to the registration process and you will automatically login into the app. There is also an option to log in through your Facebook account in it.

How to get a ₹165 Bonus in TeenPattiReal Game?

Real 3 Patti Pro Online provides a 20 rupees bonus to its new users when they create an account on the app. You can use this money for playing games without an initial investment. So let’s know the steps to collect a 20 rupees bonus.

  1. First of all download the Real 3 Patti game app from its official website either you can also download it from our website too.
  2. Now create an account on it and verify it by providing OTP.
  3. After login, you will see a 20 rupees bonus in your TeenPatti Real APK wallet.
  4. Now you can use this money for playing games.

So these are the steps to collect your 20 rupees signup bonus in TeenPatti Real APK game. Whereas this app provides you with different types of bonuses which we will discuss in the upcoming paragraphs. So stay with us and keep reading till this article is over.

Teen Patti Real Daily Login Bonus

teenpatti real game daily login

The Teen Patti Real app provides you with the daily login bonuses for seven days which makes it a very different gaming app from others. It gives you a total of 180 rupees in just only seven days. So in the upcoming paragraph, I will definitely tell you how much the app gives you from day 1 to day 7.

Because the Teen Patti Real enables you to play games without spending any money, bonuses are considerable. Therefore, I will discuss the various bonuses that the app offers to its users in this section.

Well as I have discussed above in a section of bonuses the app provides you with a total of 7 days daily login bonus. So below is the table which denotes the payout of seven days.

Daily Login Bonus Amount 
Day 1 ₹5
Day 2 ₹6
Day 3 ₹7
Day 4 ₹8
Day 5 ₹9
Day 6 ₹10
Day 7 ₹135

How to Collect 3 Patti Real 7-day Login Bonuses?

Here I am going to tell you how you can collect your daily login reward. It will help you so much as well as you don’t have to put effort to find out the proper location of this option in the app because I will cover all that things. So read the steps carefully.

  1. Download the Real 3 Patti online app.
  2. Get login into the app through your user id, if don’t have just make one.
  3. Now on the dashboard, you will see some options.
  4. Click on the 7 days option which is the second one.
  5. Here you will see rewards for seven days tap to collect rewards for that day.

By following these steps you will easily get your 7 days rewards which are around 180 rupees. Now use this money to make more money.

3 Patti Real APK Extra Bonuses

Here are the details of all the free bonuses you will get as Teen Patti Real bonus just after signing up. Generally, you can collect up to 350 Rupees free of cost.

Creating account bonus

The Teen Patti Real app provides you with a total of 20 rupees bonus when you will create an account on it. Use these 20 rupees for playing games and earn real-time money.

Free Bonus

In this feature, you have to complete some tasks. So when you complete the task, you will be awarded a cash prize of a minimum of 100 rupees which will be automatically credited to your gaming wallet.

Free Cash Bonus

The Teen Patti Real app gives you a total of 192.18 rupees in the free cash section. You can only withdraw it when you complete a total of 200 rupees. It can be only done through sharing the app with your friends and family.

TeenPatti Real Money Game UPI Deposit Offer 

Real Teen Patti Game provides you offer on adding money through Upi id. You can add money to your game wallet only through the available method which is UPI. So here I am going to tell you how much percent you will on adding some specific amount of money. Have a look at the table below.

Amount Cashback Percentage Total amount 
₹300 15% ₹345
₹500 20% ₹600
₹1000 20% ₹1200
₹3000 25% ₹3700
₹5000 30% ₹6000
₹10000 30% ₹11500
₹20000 30% ₹22000

How to Deposit Cash to Teen Patti Real Online Game?

real teen patti add cash

Sometimes if you play games for more than the average time, some bets you will win and some you will lose. Once a condition will definitely come when you will be out of money in your Real 3 Patti online account therefore you have to add money to play further. So by following my steps it will be very easy to find the option and add cash to your Real Teen Patti Earn Money Game account. Kindly read it carefully.

  1. Download the app and log in to the app through your mobile number.
  2. Now the dashboard interface will open.
  3. See at the top, Add option will appear.
  4. Click on it, choose the amount, and tap on confirm.
  5. It will lend you payment options. Choose in which you feel comfortable.
  6. Now click confirm to proceed further.

The amount you selected will automatically be added to your TeenPatti Real app within 2 minutes. The app also provides you with some extra per cent of bonus when you will add money. Like if you want to add the least amount which is 300 you will get 45 rupees extra as a bonus and the final amount 345 will be created into your online gaming wallet.

Real Teen Patti APK Referral code 

The app provides you with a pop-up notification in which some of the social platforms will be given through which you can share the app directly and earn up to 1500 rupees in one share. If the TeenPatti Real game asks you to enter refer code then you can use w3rgt to avail of extra benefits and bonuses.

How to Refer and Earn in Teen Patti Real App?

teen patti real pro refer earn

Real Teen Patti Earn Money Game provides you with one of the best features named ” Refer and earn”. In this feature, you have to only share your link or code to your family or friends and ask them to install the app and when they do, you will get a 20 rupees instant bonus as well.

The app is also providing 5 rupees to new users if they will share this app through WhatsApp. It also gives you a commission of almost 30 % when any of your invited members will recharge. Now I am going to tell you the steps from where you can refer the app to whom you want.

  1. Open the TeenPatti Real app.
  2. Login into the app.
  3. At the left bottom of the dashboard, you will find the Refer and earn option.
  4. Tap on it. Here you will find a link for sharing or some social media options as well. 
  5. It depends on you if you want to share through a link and then copy it or want to share through social media just click on the options given in the app.

If you follow my steps carefully you will definitely earn lots of money through it.

List of Available TeenPatti Real Money Games

Online 3 Patti Real money game is a fast-paced, multiplayer game that can be played with friends or random opponents. The TeenPatti Real offers you a total of 24 types of games through which you can earn money easily. 

Whereas it is also called one of the best apps which provide multiple gaming experiences. So now have a look at available games in Teen Patti Real Game.

Teen Patti Golden India
Point Rummy Bikini Paradise
Andar Bahar Cricket Heroes
Crash 3 Patti war
Car Roulette Baccarat AB
Jhandi Munda Wingo Lottery
Dragon VS Tiger Zandu
7 up down Muflis TeenPatti
Horse Racing Pot Blind
Slots Ak 47 Teen Patti
Red vs Black Fishing War
Explorer Slots Candy Party

So these are the total games present in the app. You can play any of the games you want.

How to play Teen Patti Real Game?

Real Teen Patti Game provides you with a total of 24 games like dragon vs tiger, slots, Wingo lottery, cricket heroes, and so on from which you can earn lots of money but if you will be a new user, you will be confused so don’t worry here I am going to tell you the steps how you can play any of the games in the Teen Patti Real Game app. Read it carefully.

  1. Download the app from this site or its official site.
  2. Create an account in the app.
  3. Verify your id through OTP.
  4. Now on the home screen, you will see lots of games.
  5. Choose the games as per your choice.
  6. You can scroll right to find more games.
  7. Tap on the game which you like and wait for 10 seconds. Your game will automatically start.

By following these methods you can play any of the games in the app and remember one thing: always try to read the rules and regulations before playing any of the games because it will help you or increase your chances of winning the game.

How to Earn Money from Teen Patti Real? (Real Ways to Make Money From 3 Patti Real APK Game)

TeenPatti Real money is called one of the best money-making apps and its popularity is incredibly increasing day by day. You can earn up to 2.5 to 8 thousand Rupees depending on your skills and knowledge. So here I am going to tell you the main methods through which you can earn lots of money and fulfil your dreams so let’s go.

By playing games

In Real TeenPatti you will find a total of 24 games. In order to earn lots of money you have to play more and more games. It is highly recommended that first of all understand the key points of the games which you want to play and then bet on the game. It will help to make more money without losing the game.

3Patti Real Refer and Earn

Refer and earn section of the game provides you with a chance of earning a huge sum of money in a short period of time. You have to only share the link of the app with your family, friends, and neighbourhood as well as whom you want.

In addition to this if you are a youtube influencer you can share this app through your social media accounts which could compel your audience to download and use this app. If someone will download with your link the app will provide you with a 30% commission on their first recharge and a lifetime bonus until they leave the app.

Content Optimization

Pay attention to the diversity of your promotional content. While sharing your referral link, you can add some personal elements to the common templates generated on the Taurus platform. The elements include a brief introduction on game features and benefits, withdrawal amount credited to bank account screenshot, video recording of game-winning etc to increase its authenticity and credibility.

Otherwise, you can join more groups, communicate in those groups for the long term and also share your download links in the groups! Learning from excellent promoters is a shortcut to help you earn a satisfied commission quickly!

Real Teen Patti Face-to-face guidance

Make use of various offline activities to share your referral link with your relatives or friends. Show them how the game is played and the benefits you have got. Generally, face-to-face guidance is more direct and effective than simply sharing referral links online.

With offline invitations, you can get at least 1-2 referrals at each time and earn an invitation commission (20 rs per person). And encourage your referrals to play games continuously, you will also get a good recharge commission of up to 30%. 

Login Bonus

When you download and install the app and create an account on it, instantly you will get a total of 20 rupees as your login bonus. You can use this bonus to play games and earn a handsome amount of money.

Teen Patti Real Pro Cards 

The Teen Patti app has a card section where you can purchase some cards. There are two cards available in this game: a weekly card and a monthly card. The monthly card is available for purchase and is good for 30 days; it costs 3000 rupees. If you purchase the monthly card, you will receive 1000 cash right away and 100 cash per day. If you purchase the weekly card, you will receive 100 rupees right away and 80 rupees per day while it will cost you 500 rupees.

Scratch Cards

There are a total of 30 scratch cards available in the Real TeenPatti. You have to buy them and use them. It will provide you with a daily bonus as well as when you upgrade to the next scratch card or next level, your bonus amount will increase accordingly.

3 Patti Real Free bonus

The TeenPattiReal app provides you with a chance to win 100 rupees instantly just by completing some steps in the free bonus section. You can find this option easily on the dashboard of the app.

VIP member

If you will become a Vip member by purchasing the membership, you will be eligible to earn daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses up to 1 thousand to 3 thousand. As your VIP level increases, the bonus amount will also increase.

TeenPattiReal Jackpot spin

You can find this option below in the dashboard. In this spin option of the app, you have to first add 500 for 1 spin and if your luck is good you can win up to 1000 rupees.

Free cash

The TeenPattiReal app provides you 192.15 rupees instantly after creating an account on it in the free cash section. You have to share this app from the free cash section and when anybody will install it you will get money. It is required to complete 200 rupees to proceed further to withdraw it.

How to Become Teen Patti Real VIP Member?

teenpattireal vip gift

Well, the VIP member feature is called one of the best features to earn money in TeenPattiReal app through a one-time investment. The minimum amount to be eligible for VIP membership is only 300 rupees. You will get various types of bonuses like daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Teen Patti Real Game VIP Gifts Levels and Benefits

So I am going to tell you the amount of money you will get in Vip membership. Kindly have a look at the given table below. You will gain an idea.

VIP Levels Daily Bonus  Weekly Bonus  Monthly Bonus
Vip 0 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
Vip 1 ₹10 ₹10 ₹100
Vip 2 ₹10 ₹15 ₹100
Vip 3 ₹15 ₹20 ₹100
Vip 4 ₹20 ₹25 ₹100
Vip 5 ₹20 ₹30 ₹150
Vip 6 ₹25 ₹50 ₹150
Vip 7 ₹30 ₹60 ₹200
Vip 8 ₹40 ₹65 ₹200
Vip 9 ₹50 ₹70 ₹250
Vip 10 ₹60 ₹80 ₹250

Now the talk will be stuck on how to increase your VIP level as well as a bonus so basically, it will be dependent on your recharge amount. If you will directly recharge for Vip 10 you will get much more bonuses as compared to other VIP levels.

How to Withdraw Money from Teen Patti Real Online?

teenpatti real apk withdrawal kyc process

After winning lots of money by playing games or through a VIP membership, bonuses you will want to withdraw it to your bank account which you can use further to buy or invest where you want. Don’t worry I will help to withdraw your amount of winning money. Here I am going to illustrate to you the steps to transfer your money. Kindly follow my steps carefully. 

  1. First of all, open the Teen Patti real app.
  2. Login into the app through your user id.
  3. Now on the dashboard, you will find an option to withdraw easily on the above.
  4. Tap on it. The app will ask for your mobile number as well as your email.
  5. Enter these details and click on confirm further it will ask for your account details and the amount of money you want to withdraw.
  6. Share and fill in all details and tap on confirm.
  7. The amount will be credited to your account within 1 min.

If you follow the steps mentioned above you can easily withdraw your money. By any chance the app shows errors, just check your details properly and try again.

One is more important, you will only be eligible to withdraw your money when you become a Vip member because this feature is only for premium members.

How to play Teen Patti Real Dragon vs Tiger Game?

real 3 patti game dragon tiger

Dragon vs tiger is considered the most popular game in the 3 Patti Real app. This game is a type of fast-paced game. There are three types of bets available: Tiger, Dragon, and Tie. The amount of money you will bet will be listed in the payout table. 

I, myself, play the dragon vs tiger game most of the time when I have free time. I enjoyed it a lot as well as had a great time with this game. Now I am going to tell you the steps of how you could play this game. Don’t miss any steps.

  1. Open your online 3 Patti Real app.
  2. Login into the account with your user id.
  3. Now on the dashboard, you will easily find the dragon vs tiger game.
  4. Click on the game. It will take half a minute to download resources.
  5. After downloading the game will start itself.

Rules of the Game

There are 8 sets of 52 cards without including the joker cards. Remember only digital numbers are considered, regardless of the colours. By any chance the number between the two cards will be the same then the result will be tied.

How to play Teen Patti 20-20 in TeenPatti Real Money App?

Online Real 3 Patti 20-20 game is a variation of the traditional card game of Teen Patti that is popular in India. The game is played between two or more players. Now I am going to tell you the steps to play the Teen Patti 20-20 game.

  1. Open your Real TeenPatti.
  2. Login into the app through your id.
  3. You will see the interface of the app along with games.
  4. Find and tap on the 3 Patti 20-20 game.
  5. It will start automatically after downloading the resource pack within 20 seconds.
  6. Now play the game and earn money.

Rules of the Real TeenPatti 20-20 game

One 52-card deck is used when playing Teen Patti 20-20. You’ll see that there are four betting spaces on the table in front of seated positions A or B. Pair+ and Gambled are located at the right, Tie and 6 Caro Bonus is a bet on in the middle, and Pair+ and Bet are located at the left.

The participants place a wager on one of the bet places, which must match the minimum amount specified for that specific table, to start the game.

Each player has the option to place an additional “Pair Plus” stake, a “6 Card Bonus wager,” a “Tie wager,” or any combination thereof. These bets pay out bonuses to the player(s) who receives a hand that includes one or more of the cards shown in the tables below. The dealer deals one card to player A and one card to player B, laying both cards face up, once the player has done placing his wagers. Three cards are handed to each hand in turn.

After dealing three cards to each hand, the hand’s A and B cards are compared, and the hand with the highest card combination prevails. The game is a tie if both hands [A and B] have the same rating. Whenever a match finishes in a tie, the main bets are pushed, and the tie bet pays off.

Bet types in the Game

  1. Pair+
  2. Bet
  3. Tie
  4. 6 Cards Bonus

Teen Patti Real 20-20 Game Result

The player who has the highest-ranking hand at the end of the game wins.

How to play Andar Bahar in Teen Patti Real App?

teen patti real download and play andar bahar

Basically, the app provides you with a total of 24 games to play but in this section, I will only discuss the Andar Bahar game. This game is the second most popular game in the app. So now I am going to illustrate the steps to play Andar bahar game.

  1. Open your Teen Patti Real app.
  2. Login into the game.
  3. On the dashboard, you will easily find the game. Tap on it.

It will take hardly 20 seconds to download the resources of the 3 PattiReal game. Then the game will start automatically and you will play the game.

Real 3 Patti Andar Bahar Rules

Teen Patti Real game is played with a single deck of 52 cards and the objective is to guess which side the card will land on when it is divided in the middle. To begin the game, the dealer will place a card face up on the table, this card is known as the joker.

After the joker card is placed, the dealer will then divide the deck into two parts, one side is known as Andar and the other is known as Bahar. The players must then bet on which side the next card drawn from the deck will land.

If a player bet on Andar and the card lands on the Andar side, the player wins and all bets placed on the Bahar side lose. The game continues until all cards have been dealt. The players must then guess which side the card will land on when it is divided in the middle.

TeenPattiReal Andar Bahar Result

If the card picked out from the deck does not match to the Andar side then the bahar side will be the winner and if the card drawn from the deck matched to Andar side the Andar side will be the winner.

What is Teen Patti Real APK Gullak?

The Gullak feature of 3 Patti Real is a type of feature in which you can earn 1rupees automatically. When 10 rupees are collected you can withdraw it. You can only get a Gullak when you will invite two friends successfully. Now I am going to tell you the steps to collect the Gullak rewards. Follow my steps carefully.

  1. Open your TeenPatti Real app.
  2. Login into the app through your id.
  3. On the dashboard, you will refer and earn option. Tap on it.
  4. Here the second option is Gullak.
  5. You can see your money here.

Teen PattiReal Lucky 3 Patti Jackpot

teen patti real online lucky 3patti

The Lucky 3 Patti jackpot is an exciting game of chance that gives players a chance to win big cash prizes of up to 50 lakh rupees at once. Players can bet on the outcome of a three-card hand, with the winning combination usually paying out a large jackpot. The game is easy to learn but can take a bit of strategy to master, making it a fun and exciting game for all players. The potential to win big is high, as the game offers a wide range of payout possibilities and combinations.

Rule of the Lucky Jackpot

  • Result- Payoff
  • High card- 3x
  • Pair- 4x
  • Colour- 5x
  • Sequence- 6x
  • Pure Sequence- 10x
  • Set- Split the jackpot 20%

Teen Patti Real Playing Tips and Tricks 

I will now share with you the most latest methods for generating unlimited money without spending or losing a lot of time or money by playing games. You will absolutely be capable of making real money if you follow our advice and keep it in mind at all times. So let’s get began.

  1. Do not miss any of the bonuses provided by the 3 Patti Real app like a daily bonus, free bonus etc.
  2. Don’t spend lots of money unnecessarily in the game.
  3. Don’t try to win a huge sum of money in just one day.
  4. In the beginning when you will be a new user just play games and learn tips and tricks by investing a bonus amount.
  5. Choose the game for playing in which you gain experience as well as knowledge or guidance.
  6. Invest in bets too much only when you have faith of winning the game is above 90%.
  7. Always try to share the app with your new contacts. It will help you to earn money.

Above are all the procedures for using the ultimate 3Patti Real to earn money. You may easily create money without any issues if you follow these procedures. If you follow these instructions, you can earn a limitless sum of money. All of these strategies are based on our expertise, so you must implement and follow them if you want to succeed financially and become independent.

Teen Patti Real APK Earning Records

At this time I also began to play Teen Patti Real Pro so instantly I don’t have that much amount in my gaming wallet to initiate the process of withdrawal. Therefore I am unable to provide the proof of payment at this time but I promise you I will definitely share the payment proof details when I will once withdraw money to my bank account.

Pros of Using TeenPatti Real Game

The app has lots of benefits but it is hard to cover all of them, but at this time I am going to tell you the top advantages of playing the Teen Patti Real app.

  • The 3 Patti Real is free of cost. You can download it from its official website as well as from this website too.
  • The app provides a 20 rupees login bonus to its new users.
  • It also provides you with 180 rupees in seven days.
  • The app provides you with a free cash bonus for completing some tasks.
  • It is a secure and trustworthy app.
  • The withdrawal amount will be credited to your account within 1 min.

So above I discussed the benefits of the TP Patti Real APK. So now it’s time to look at its disadvantages.

Cons of Using the Teen Patti Real App

As every coin has two faces, that’s why every Teen Patti Real Pro has some drawbacks too. So I am going to tell you the disadvantages of using this app.

  • As this app has 24 games, it is hard to remember the rules of the games.
  • It needs a strong connection to the internet.
  • If you want to withdraw your money first of all you have to buy its VIP membership to proceed further.
  • UPI transfer is not available.
  • If you want to spin the wheel, you have to add 500 rupees 1 time.

So these are the drawbacks of the Real Teen Patti app.

Teen Patti Real Customer Care Number

teen patti real money app customer care

The Real Teen Patti app provides you with the option of customer care support in the setting option of the app. If you will face any issues you can contact them through a live chat option with quick links in it. So where you can find it? Don’t panic, I am going to tell you about this also. Kindly follow my steps.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Real Online Game app.
  2. On the dashboard see the right top an option for more will appear.
  3. Tap on it. Now see at the bottom a service option with an icon will appear.
  4. Click on it. Here you will find about eight options with quick links which will connect you to the support team.
  5. You can share your query with them and they will reply to you within a minute.

How to Change Language in TeenPatti Real APK Game?

TP Patti Real APK provides you with a language option in which you can use the app in two different languages Hindi and English. When you will download the app, all the written things and notifications will be in English and by any chance, you want it in Hindi and are unable to change the language don’t worry. Below I am going to tell you the steps on how you can change the language in the Online Teen Patti Real Money app.

  1. Open the Teen Patti Real app.
  2. Login into the app by providing the necessary credentials.
  3. On the dashboard see the right top a More option will appear.
  4. Tap on it. Here you see both languages tap on which you want to set.
  5. Now you can enjoy gaming in the Hindi language.


Is the Teen Patti Real app safe?

The TeenPatti Real app uses highly advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of the financial and personal data collected from players. It is built with 228-bit encryption. The app itself states that they keep up with data protection legislation and they do not share your details with other authorities.

How much Teen Patti Real Bonus do you get?

In Teen Patti Real APK, you get no question free 35 bonus instant. Additionally, you will also collect extra 135 Rupees if you do a Teen Patti Real login for the first 1 week.

When was the Teen Patti Real App Launched?

The Teen Patti Real Online Game app was made by Moon Frog Pvt. Ltd. And was officially launched in 2014.

How to register for the 3 Patti Real game?

Download the app and open it on your device. Now you will see 3 options play as a guest, Login or log in through Facebook.

  1. Click on the login option and add the required credentials that they ask for.
  2. Now click on Get OTP (one-time password)
  3. After entering your phone no then you will receive the code via text.
  4. After entering the code, your verification ends here and you are all set to play games. 

What is the Teen Patti Real App Guest Account?

The guest account feature of the Online Teen Patti Real Money app allows players to play the game without signing up for the app but they can not use certain features.

How to Add Cash in Teen Patti Real APK?

Open your Game account, at the game dashboard page click on add cash. Select the amount you want to add and it should be above ₹300 and click on the desired option to pay the amount and click on next. The amount will automatically be credited to your account.

Is Real 3 Patti app Genuine not Fake?

The Teen Patti Real is a safe gaming app because it is appreciated by Google and it is secured by 228-bit Industry-standard Encryption and secure payment methods.

What is the Minimum Amount of Recharge?

The least amount is 300 rupees and the maximum amount is as much as you can.

How to make a Withdrawal in 3 Patti Real?

Click on the withdrawal option from the lobby lie above. Add your mobile number and email and then UPI details to initiate payment. Add the desired amount and click withdrawal. You can only withdraw your amount if you are a VIP member of the game.

What is the Minimum Amount of Withdrawal from TeenPatti Real Game?

The minimum amount of withdrawal is ₹10.

What is the TeenPattiReal Maximum Amount of Withdrawal?

The maximum amount of withdrawal is unlimited.

What is the Maximum Number of Withdrawals in a day?

The maximum number of withdrawals in a day is 5 times.

What are the Withdrawal Options Present in the Real Teen Patti Game?

The TeenPatti Real Game app supports only the UPI mode of payment. 

Why do I need to provide my ID and recharge information while withdrawing?

This process is just for the justification or safety of the players that the amount which is going to be withdrawn is going to be credited to the correct person’s bank account or not.

How to find the UPI details of my Account in the 3Patti Real Pro app?

It is so easy to find your details of payment method just by clicking withdrawal options at the top of the app.

How to play the Teen Patti Real Pro game? 

When you open any of the games present in it, firstly you will get the instructions to play the game otherwise you can also find the instructions on the more option which lies in the right corner of the app.

What are Wagers Required in Real Teen Patti Game?

Wagers is the required bet or process that you need to complete before you withdraw money from your gaming account.

How to Refer TeenPattiReal app to your Friends and Family?

It is quite easy to refer to this app and earn through it. You can find your referral link at the bottom of the dashboard. The app provides various options through which you can share your Referral link like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram etc.

How long does it Take to Recharge in the Real Teen Patti Online to enter the game?

The recharge will be credited to your game account immediately within 1 minute. 

How long Does a Teen Patti Real Pro Withdrawal take?

Normally withdrawal process takes 1 minute in this app.

Is your Money Secure during the Withdrawal Process?

Yes, your money is in a safe app. You don’t have to worry about that. Also, the app assures you security while doing the withdrawal process. 

How do log in to the Game after completing the Registration process?

When you will open the app, it shows you 3 options Guest Logn, Mobile login and login through FB account. As you already registered, you have to click on login. Enter your mobile number and verify through OTP and here you go.

What to do if an Issue with Invalid input Occurs while Binding UPI or ID information?

First of all, check if the details you feed are correct, otherwise close the application and try again after 20 minutes. Still can’t bind, then please contact the customer care live support team.

What to do if the issue of the number already bound appears during the registration process?

The number has been used on a different account, please use another mobile number to complete the registration process. Be informed you can use only one registration from one device and one mobile number for one account.

How to enter the app if I forgot my password?

Well, you don’t have to worry about it. The Teen Patti Real Money Game has the same process of login. You have to just enter your registered mobile number and click to get OTP. After receiving OTP enter it and click on verify. Now you will land your old account.

How to update the 3 Patti Real app?

If you want to update the app, then you have to visit its official website. It can be done only from the More option available in the app.

Is there any Teen Patti Real Mod app available?

No there is no TeenPatti Real mod app available.


Teen Patti Real aka TeenPatti Real Pro is a fun and entertaining online platform which provided you with a chance to earn money by playing games. That is easy to learn and play. It offers an exciting gaming experience and provides hours of entertainment.

If you are looking for a great way to spend your free time and want to try something new through which you can earn money, TeenPatti Real is an excellent choice. With its vibrant design and smooth gameplay, it is sure to provide a great gaming experience.

The app provides you with a 20 rupees Login bonus as well as 180 rupees for the seven-day bonus. You can share the app through different social media platforms and could earn up to 1500 rupees on a single share.

The Real Teen Patti app has also a VIP membership in which you will get daily, weekly and, monthly bonuses. You can also play a jackpot in which you can earn up to 1000 rupees.

At last, I will highly recommend you to download Teen Patti Real APK online, use this app and earn lakhs in a month. But make sure you have some experience and you are mature about financial risk involvement.

Disclaimer: Teen Patti Real app has an element of financial risk which may be addictive. Please download and use 3 Patti Real online game responsibly with your risk appetite. TeenPatti Real APK application can be suitable for understanding people.

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