Teen Patti Fantasy APK – Get ₹31 Bonus

In this blog post, I am going to talk about India’s fastest-growing app “Teen Patti Fantasy“. It gives 30 Indian Rupees for login into the app as well as 180 for 1 refer.

teen patti fantasy crogo app

There any many more features like this, so if you want to earn money through the Teen Patti Fantasy app, read this article till the end.

Teen Patti Fantasy APK

Signup Bonus₹30 Bonus, Extra Rs. 150 as Daily Login Bonus
LinkInstall the app
Refer & Earn₹180 Per Head Including Rechare Commission
Withdrawal OptionsUPI, Bank Transfer
Minimum Payout100 Rupees
Estimated IncomeRs. 4000-8,000 on a Daily Basis

What is Teen Patti Fantasy? 

Crogo Teen Patti Fantasy is an online card game application based on the popular Indian game of Teen Patti and Rummy. The app allows players to join games with real cash prizes, compete in games, and challenge their friends.

It also features in-app virtual stars that can be used to purchase exclusive items in the game. Teen Patti Fantasy is available to use on Android and iPhone. 

It gives 30 Rupees as a login bonus, 180 Rupees for 1 referral as well as a chance to win 10400 Indian Rupees in the Lottery. Apart from this, you will also get 100 Rupees if any of your friends recharges above 300 Rs. It offers 15 games with 2 different languages to use the Crogo 3 Patti Fantasy APK.

3 Patti Crogo Fantasy Game Highlights

  • Users- The app has more than 5 Million users with 1.20 Lakh active users. 
  • Bonus- TeenPatti Fantasy offers login, weekly, lottery, and 7-day bonuses. 
  • Secure- The app is 100% safe to use. 
  • Withdraw- The Teen Patti Crogo app offers Bank and UPI methods for withdrawal. 

Teen Patti Fantasy APK Download Process

  1. Click on the download link given above in the download table, or you can install the Teen Patti Crogo Fantasy app from here.
  2. A new window of the official app will appear. 
  3. Scroll down and click on the 3 Patti Crogo download button. 
  4. The TeenPatti Fantasy app will start downloading. 
  5. Then click on the downloaded app to install it. 

How to Create a New Teen Patti Fantasy Crogo Account?

If you want to earn money, you have to create an account on the Teen Patti Crogo app. So follow my steps to do with proper way. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Fill up the mobile number and click on the register. 
  3. Now fill up the OTP in the given box. 
  4. Then tap on the confirmation and your account will be credited.

How to Get ₹30 Bonus in Teen Patti Crogo Fantasy App?

The TeenPatti Fantasy provided 30 Indian Rupees to its new users when they first entered the app through a legal process. Follow my steps to claim a 30 Rs. bonus. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Put the mobile number in the given column and click on login. 
  3. Now OTP will send to the given number. 
  4. Put the OTP in the box and click on confirm. 
  5. Now you will land on the official dashboard of the 3 Patti Fantasy APK and 30 Rs. will be credited to your gaming account instantly.

Daily Login Bonus

The daily login bonus of The TeenPatti Fantasy app is only for VIP members of the app. 

Number Of DaysDaily Rewards 
Day 1 Depend on luck
Day 2Depend on luck
Day 3Depend on luck
Day 4Depend on luck
Day 5Depend on luck
Day 6Depend on luck
Day 7Depend on luck

Teen Patti Fantasy First Deposit Offer 

When you will add the money the first time in the Teen Patti Crogo app then you will get more percentage than the second time. 

Cash Amount Percentage of BonusAmount of BonusTotal Stars 
290 Rupees40%400 Rupees300 Stars
1990 Rupees101%4000 Rupees4000 Stars 
4990 Rupees100%10000 Rupees10000 Stars 

3 Patti Fantasy Add Cash Offer

Every time or every day you will add cash, you will get bonus amounts or starts. Check it out below.

Adding Amount Added amount × No of starts Total No. Of Stars 
100 Rupees×1100 Stars
200 Rupees×1200 Stars
300 Rupees×1.1330 Stars
1000 Rupees×1.31300 Stars
3000 Rupees×1.54500 Stars
5000 Rupees×210000 Stars
10000 Rupees×660000 Stars
20000 Rupees×10200000 Stars

Fantasy Teen Patti Like Other Games

How to Refer and Earn in Teen Patti Crogo Online? 

Teen Patti Fantasy app has a Refer and Earn program, which allows users to invite their friends and family to join the app and earn rewards.

When a user invites someone to join the 3 Patti Crogo app, they get a bonus of Rupees 180 and when the person adds money above 300 Rupees, the player will get a 100 rupee bonus from it. The more people you invite, the more rewards you can earn. 

  1. Open the 3 Patti Crogo app.
  2. Click on the refer and earn option. 
  3. Now you will find some of the best options for referring to. 
  4. Choose anyone and start referring to earning money.

Teen Patti Fantasy Real Cash Games 

The TeenPatti Fantasy app has 15 games to play and all the games are the most popular ones. Have a look at the names of the games below. 

Teen Patti7 Up Down
RummyRapid Teen Patti
Dragon Vs TigerCricket Battle
Andar BaharTeen Patti War
MinesBest of 5
CrashHorse Racing
Jhandi MundaBaccarat 
Joker Teen Patti 

How to Play Games in Teen Patti Fantasy App?

  1. Open the 3 Patti Fantasy app.
  2. On the dashboard, click on any of the games. 
  3. It will start downloading resources. 
  4. After downloading, choose the bet slot and click on join. 
  5. You will now enter the game and play. 

Possible Ways to Earn Money from Teen Patti Fantasy 

For your knowledge, I want to tell you that there is not only one way to earn money through the app but there are many more ways. So have a look at that below. 

Daily Bonus 

A daily bonus is provided to the players who are VIP members of the 3 Patti Fantasy app. They will get around 300 Indian Rupees in just 7 days. 

Scratch Cards 

There are 5 types of scratch cards present in the app with different amounts written behind them. When you buy one and scratch it you will win some amount of bonus. 

Refer and Earn 

The 3 Patti Fantasy app has a referral and earns feature in which you have to invite your friends and family members and when they accept the invitation, you will get 180 Indian Rupees per person. When they recharge, you will get 100 Rs. as a bonus. 


In a day, if you have recharged above 200 Rs., you will get a key. With the help of a key, you can spin in the Lottery feature to earn money. 

Wingo Lottery 

There are 3 types of balls that you have to bet on. If your guess becomes correct, you will win the bet. 

Lucky Spin 

This feature is most interesting as in this, you will get 100% money return on wheel spin. The maximum amount you will get is 888 Rupees. 

3 Patti Fantasy Game VIP Gift Benefits 

VIP LevelsDaily Withdrawal TimesDaily Withdrawal AmountWithdrawal Tax Rate Weekly Bonus Amount Sign in Benefits
VIP 0000%00%
VIP 1110003%50%
VIP 22100002.5%1025%
VIP 33600002%50100%
VIP 43600001.5%100300%
VIP 54800001%10001500%
VIP 64800000.8%20002000%
VIP 751000000.5%40004000%
VIP 861200000.3%200006000%
VIP 971400000.2%4000010000%
VIP 1081600000.1%20000020000%

How to become Fantasy 3 Patti VIP member?

VIP membership is inseparable from the strong support of the majority of players. The member growth system includes 10 levels, which are promoted according to the user’s historical betting amount. You can also become a VIP member when the accumulated recharge reaches 100 Rupees.

How to Withdraw Cash from Teen Patti Crogo APK?

The app allows you to withdraw your winning amount through different options but the problem is you will be a VIP member. If you are, then follow my steps to withdraw money. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Click on the withdrawal option. 
  3. Choose the amount to be withdrawn. 
  4. Choose either through the bank or UPI. 
  5. Click on confirm and your amount will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

Teen Patti Fantasy New Gullak Bonus

In this Gullak feature, your 2% amount of any bet will be stored here and when it reaches 10 Rupees you can break the Gullak and collect it for further use. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Tap on the Gullak icon.
  3. See if you have the above 10 Rupees then click on the break Gullak. 
  4. Now collect the amount. 

Fantasy 3 Patti Lottery Rewards

When you add a 200 and above amount to the game, you will get a chance to spin the lottery and win a big amount. Follow my instructions. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Tap to open the lottery feature. 
  3. Add 200 Rupees and you will have 1 key. 
  4. Click on the play option and try to get the same lottery number. 

TeenPatti Fantasy Wingo Lottery Feature 

In this feature, if the combination that you have made draws from the lottery, you will win the game. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Click on the Wingo lottery feature. 
  3. Choose the number on which you want to bet. 
  4. Now choose the amount and start playing. 

Teen Patti Crogo VIP Free Cash

In this feature, you will have two boxes to open that require some amount to buy. If you buy and open it, you will get a bonus that will be in the box. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Click on the free box feature. 
  3. You will find 2 types of VIP boxes. 
  4. Open the first box and then the second box to get a bonus. 

3 Patti Fantasy Scratch Card Feature 

There are 5 types of scratch cards present in the 3 Patti Crogo app and all the cards contain different amounts of bonus. Buy any one card randomly and scratch it to get 100% cash awards. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app.
  2. Click on the scratch cards feature. 
  3. Add some cash and buy one card. 
  4. Scratch the card and see the winning amount. 

Teen Patti Fantasy APK Monthly Card Feature 

Purchase Amount Instant GetEveryday BonusTotal get 
Card 1 (30 days)950 Rupees20 Rupees1550 Rupees
Card 2 (30 days)2850 Rupees60 Rupees4650 Rupees
Card 3 (30 days)9500 Rupees200 Rupees15500 Rupees

Teen Patti Fantasy Crogo Spin Feature 

The spin feature is considered the easiest way to earn money. You have to spin a wheel with noted amounts on it. Where the wheel will stop, the amount you will win. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Tap to open the spin feature. 
  3. You will need 1000 stars to spin once. 
  4. Add some cash and you will get stars and spin the wheel to earn 888 Indian Rupees.

Fantasy Teen Patti Refer Slot 

The feature allows you to share the Teen Patti Fantasy APK and get a chance to spin and win cash. Every referral will give you a chance to spin the refer slot. When you achieve 1000 Rupees you can take out the money. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Click on the refer slot option. 
  3. You will see different options for sharing the app. 
  4. Choose anyone and start sharing the app. 
  5. You will get spins then tap on the spin to get rewards. 

Teen Patti Fantasy Customer Care Number

The service executive is available 24×7 online just to solve the user’s problem. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app. 
  2. Click on the Customer Service icon. 
  3. Now a live chat dashboard will open. 
  4. Start a chat with a live customer service executive and share your problem. They will solve it. 


Is the Teen Patti fantasy app safe?

Yes, the Teen Patti Fantasy app is safe to use. It is developed by a trusted and experienced game development team and has been tested for safety and security.

Is Teen Patti Fantasy app legal in India?

Yes, the Teen Patti Fantasy App is legal in India as it is a game of skill. However, it is important to note that online gambling is illegal in some states in India, so players should check the laws in their state before playing the game.

Can I get a free bonus on 3 Patti Fantasy game?

Yes, you can get a free bonus of up to 180 Rupees and earn real money on Teen Patti Fantasy App. The 3 Patti Fantasy app offers various games and features where players can compete with each other and win cash prizes.

How do I make deposits and withdrawals on Teen Patti Crogo?

Teen Patti Fantasy App supports various payment methods like UPI, Paytm, PhonePe, and bank transfers. Players can deposit money using any of these methods and can withdraw their winnings using the Bank and UPI methods.

Is my personal information safe on the Teen Patti Fantasy APK?

Yes, your personal information is safe on Teen Patti Fantasy App. The Teen Patti Crogo app uses advanced encryption technology to secure all user data and transactions.

What are the different types of rewards/bonuses I will get on 3 Patti Crogo Fantasy?

You will get 30 Rupees as a login bonus, when you become VIP then you will get 7-day bonuses and weekly bonuses. Apart from this, you will also get free VIP Cash Box bonuses, lottery spins, and many more. 

How to Change TeenPatti Fantasy App Language?

The 3 Patti Fantasy app has two different languages to use and it is quite easy to change the language to your preferred type. 

  1. Open the Teen Patti Fantasy app.
  2. Tap on the setting option. 
  3. Click on the language that you want. 
  4. All the things will then be presented in your preferred language.


In conclusion, the Teen Patti Fantasy app is the perfect app for those who love to play Teen Patti and Rummy online. Teen Patti Crogo app offers a great selection of features such as a lottery feature, 30 Indian Rupees login bonus, and VIP 7-day bonus feature.

The Teen Patti Crogo app has two options; Bank and UPI for withdrawal. It also gives 180 Rupees per referral. With its great selection of features, the Teen Patti Fantasy Crogo game is sure to be a hit with Teen Patti fans everywhere.

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